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Just as I was getting ready to put this commentary to bed and hit the publish button, along comes a video with some information regarding our good, good friend, Ebola. This time, it’s Dr Len Horowitz & Investigative Journalist Sherri Kane. Kane prattles ““The film scrutinizes the Ebola situation through the lens of informed citizens, and the public consensus that the “mysterious outbreak” represents an exercise of pan-genocide.” Hopefully that doesn’t mean that it’s 40 minutes of illogical connections that don’t go anywhere but the little town of confusion.

“Officials scrambling internationally to save lives and the world economy are finally listening to Dr. Horowitz,” Kane concluded. “Twenty years ago he predicted this Ebola emergency using U.S. National Institutes of Health records. These documents, dating back to the 1960s, and published in the doctor’s book–Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?–proves Ebola spreads by political imposition for depopulation, not simply as a medical emergency.”

Kane’s shocking statements are true. On October 9th, the honorable Nigerian health Minister, Chewe Orbrie, solicited Dr. Horowitz to support Prince Philip Njemanze, a medical doctor and Chairman of the Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) in Lusaka. He directed the Attorney General to file a complaint in the International Criminal Court (ICC) of War Crimes under BWATA against “all foreign citizens, organizations and governments collaborating [with multi-national corporations] to kill Nigerians.”

“We call on all peace-loving and progressive humankind to stand with the people of Nigeria in defense from this EVIL,” pleaded Chairman Njemanze.

“VIRAL IMMUNITY” is a public service production in response to similar pleas for Horowitz’s help as a world leading CDC and drug industry critic, award-winning author, filmmaker, scholar, and U.S. Government certified foreign health ambassador. He and Kane issue recommendations for viral immunity based on known concealment of cures and international crimes, as global governments scramble to fight against the unprecedented spread of a bio-level 4 weapon threatening civilization with mass depopulation.

“There are three fundamental mistakes nearly everyone is making,” Dr. Horowitz explained. “The first is, we’re not dealing with a ‘normal virus’ here, nor a high cure rate, but a discriminating disease evidencing biological warfare. The mysterious “outbreak” curses poor Africans in favor of wealthier people and nations. We are dealing with a bio-weapons level 4 killing agent’s sudden re-emergence from a laboratory refrigerator after nearly four decades of military industrialists hiding it, studying it, developing vaccines against it, and administering propaganda-cover for it since 1967 that claims ignorance regarding Ebola’s origin, yet restricts pharmaceutical competitors from developing and marketing cures.”

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One of the reasons why the government is distrusted right now – from the president on down to the dog catcher – and it does not matter one bit whether they’re part of the administration, some agency, in congress or state or local. The distrust in government is rampant in the country right now. One of the apparent causes is the continual litany of failure after failure. No matter what this current crop of buffoons at the national level attempts, it always seems to fail, much to the chagrin of everyone involved. To add to the mix, not one of them is willing to grab ahold of the buck as it passes by and instead blames everyone else for either “not understanding what I meant” or some other 4th grader excuse. Surprisingly, the dog ate it hasn’t come up as yet. Add to that what appears to be the complete lack of any connection with the reality that most people perceive, and the recipe of distrust is complete. Link   Link   Link   Opposing view

One of the reasons is that they’re supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people – the primary objective of the federal government is the protection of the republic for the common good. How did it get so upside down? How did the employees of the republic turn the whole thing upside down? Was the power seized via a coup? Was it with the full knowledge of the three branches? If not, then what are the other two branches of government doing about it? Link  Link

Realizing the answers to those questions is something that everyone has to do for themselves. Don’t trust anyone that says they have the answers. They do not. What they have are opinions, not facts. The facts are tenuous, fleeting things, always just out of reach, or worse, down the rabbit hole. A dark and dank rabbit hole. The ones that do obtain the facts are usually dead fairly quickly.

The distinct possibility comes to mind that as a population we indeed have been brainwashed by the educational, entertainment and news industry as part of a planned effort over several generations. Political correctness is all fine and good in Utopia. But, once the rubber meets the road, once contact is made with the enemy, once Godzilla appears, events and people that mean harm do not give a damn about political correctness – in fact it aids in the destruction. It’s the gasoline of reality being lit by events. Political correctness is what generally allows the failures to happen in the first place. Call things like they are, view them in the real world and not the matrix of good intentions and the failures die at the gate as common sense takes over.

If you prefer a witty quote about it, try this: Political correctness is a doctrine…. fostered by a delusional, illogical minority…… and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media; which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

Some of us have snapped out of it, many of us never bought it in the first place. What’s so annoying is that the very same people that hated the government in the 1960’s and 70’s are now running it and they have taken what they accused Nixon of doing and injected steroids into the mindset of draconian governmental policies.

The answers as to how to solve it, who made it happen or how to stop it are not forthcoming from anyone, be it bloggers, reporters, talk show hosts, newspaper reporters, citizen reporters. Most are in the tank and are desperately trying to keep their own heads above the water. If they say the wrong thing, if they utter the wrong words then it’s a all too typical cycle. Ridicule, harassment, destruction. Little effect is had even by the bloviating talk show superstars who reach millions each day.

If they go over the line far enough like Michael Hastings, it’ll be a mysterious car crash. Or suicide, or mugging gone bad or a fast acting cancer. We all understand that these people that are in power will do anything they have to do to make sure the government remains the dominant force in our lives, including murder and constitutional violations that boggle the mind.

The fact is that what we’re observing goes far deeper than we think. What we as observers need to do is to avoid what is called target fixation. When a fighter pilot is looking at a target he / she is attempting to hit, sometimes they can concentrate so hard on that target that they can fly right into the ground. When you go back to the classic disinformation campaign – UFOs, and apply the methods to any other subject, the method is to hide the truth in the chaff of the sheer amount of information and dis-information becomes clear. Sometimes it’s a lack of information that creates the confusion. Far too often, people become fixated on just one aspect of current events instead of casting their mental net as wide as possible to discern what the entirity of the situation. What we are dealing with on a daily basis is a group of people that are throwing so much disinformation with a few nuggets of truth thrown in, that sifting out the facts (and the latest plot) becomes more and more time consuming.

The almost instinctive need that they seem to have to stay in power, at whatever the cost, seems to drive these people to no limits of discarding common sense or taking away basic human dignity that is supposed to exist in the people/government relationship. It almost seems as if they stand there and tell you, “Yeah, we’re going to do it, what are you going to do about it, sport?” as if we are all Marty McFly watching Biff Tannen come up with his latest scheme to take over the world.

The possibility also exists that we’re being fed this claptrap for the purpose of purely political considerations – amnesty. With the leaked call for bids on millions upon millions of green cards (what the White House calls “green sheets of paper”), the amnesty coverup is making more and more sense. The desperation to keep the lid on the infections – Entrovirus, Ebola, TB – is most telling. Link   Link   Link

As I have said before and will keep saying, “The president of the United States is willing to let you and your family die for illegal aliens“. As more and more of their attempts at spin control spin out of control, that viewpoint appears more and more like it’s on the mark. If the president does once more skirt the constitution and sign another magic paper law into being, then we will find out how right I have been.
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The conspiracy side

What if the Ebola epidemic doesn’t exist? What if it’s all to draw attention away from something else – something that requires these people to make fools of themselves for the greater goal?

You bet that sounds far fetched. As far fetched as a fake moon landing or faked airplanes flying into a skyscraper. A certain percentage of the population believes that it never happened.

So let’s look at the situation and what they’re saying about it, which might seem like a lot but it’s not.

  • Hard to catch
  • No danger
  • Protocols
  • Letting it in keeps us safe
  • Under control
  • New screenings
  • All is good, go about your business

All of that seems like a common sense objective – keep the public calm. If it were the early 1980’s and this was AIDS then I could agree. But we know what we’re exposed to – or told, which is this. First and foremost the CDC itself classifies Ebola as requiring Biosafety Level 4 (BSL4) precautions. That’s a very bad category. Link   Link

200 doctors in full hazmat, WHO, CDC approved apparel have contracted and died from Ebola. In one documented case, a doctor who had virtually no contact with Ebola patients. The question that nobody is answering is how did all those doctors, all trained in the protocols, how did those doctors contract Ebola?

The other 500 pound question in the room is these doctors before they died, were they questioned as to what they did or did not do to contract the virus?

If we could get those two questions about the doctors who have contracted Ebola answered, we might be able to draw up a detailed plan as citizens – whom I might add have very little faith in how the government is handling this. All we’re getting is platitudes from obviously ill equipped, ill trained and uneducated officials.

I myself have very little faith that any of us acting in small groups or by ourselves can get to the bottom of this situation. This takes millions of us pounding on the door of government to get real answers.

Sadly, if millions of us did that, millions of us would be bludgeoned, arrested and sent away for “our own good”. This government will not listen to citizens to seek a “redress for our concerns” as set forth in our basic incorporation as a country.

Andrew Napolitano has this to say along these lines:

any governmental behavior that influences the exercise of the freedom of speech—no matter how gently, indirectly, innocently or secretly—violates that principle and provides the basis to sue the government to have its Stasi-like monitoring of speech enjoined.

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And so we are at a crossroads in the life of this republic. Either we stop them or let them continue to consolidate power. Either we find a way to return to a republic or we dance down the aisle of totalitarian government.



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