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Dear readers,

Once again the headline post bug has hit and yesterday’s commentary fell victim to it. So, here is yesterday’s commentary again along with today’s.


Commentary 11-26-14

I am taking a few days off. I want all of you to have an excellent Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with family and friends.

I debated a long time with myself (which led to some pretty odd arguments between the voices in my head) whether or not I was going to write this for Thanksgiving 2014. As it turned out the voices were my cats screwing with me again.

As I go through late middle age, having several brushes with the hooded man with the sickle, some things get to be very important. Since I’m hanging myself out here for everyone to see, it relates to you. This year I am thankful for every single one of you. The audience that reads these commentaries, the guests we have on our shows and the fine people that do shows on the Freedom Talk Radio / Saline Entertainment Television Group.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart to the tip of my brain.

Here is what the holidays mean to me:

Sometime over the past decade, I seem to have gone from the dread and depression of the holiday season to joy nearing rapture. I’ve been stumped as to how this change happened. How can being in a near suicide depression each and every single year change for over a half a century suddenly switch to such joy that I want to tell everyone I see that this is the best time of the year?

I’ll tell you why – and it relates to you. And it’s probably the most important thing I will ever say here.

It’s the crap. It’s the damned gimmie, gimmie, what are going to give me crap. Get rid of the so called gift giving. Get rid of black Friday. Get rid of everything but for two aspects of the holiday season.

Thanksgiving is for thanking others and God. It’s not for stuffing your pie hole and football games. It’s not “turkey day”.

Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. It’s not for seeing how many lights you can hang, how much you can go in the hole over toys, games and electronics.

Christmas my friends is the day that your eternal debt begins being paid in full. Once you get that straight, your life will change forever.
Here’s what I want to know. Will Michael Brown’s mother and step-father be charged for inciting a riot?

Random thought: Riots and protests all over the country for the death of one person. Where are those riots for all of the other deaths that happen every single day of the week? Where are the riots for the slaughter of people in Detroit, Chicago or any other inner city?

Could it be a created narrative by someone? If so, who? Follow the money. When you get to the end of the trail, it will be surprise at all. Follow the money.


Commentary 11-25-14

We interrupt our Thanksgiving articles to bring you this dose of reality.

Are the chickens home yet?

avatarI’ve been purposefully not saying anything at all about the death of Michael Brown. Having worked with law enforcement officers for many years, my opinion would only be from my viewpoint – that something went horribly wrong that day and a suspect died.

A far more important aspect of this are the results. When the supreme court said ‘screw you’ and let the Unaffordable Health Care Act stand, were there conservatives rioting? When the federal government stopped by a harvest dinner and forced the farmers at gunpoint to pour bleach on their dinner, were there riots? When little children had their lemonade stands shut down, did the parents riot? When the IRS started targeting conservatives, did the conservatives riot?

Yes, I know what you’re thinking -Ferguson that this is about race not some social engineering. I disagree.

What has happened to the conservatives that have been targeted is about religion and the relentless march towards a Godless society. What is happening in Ferguson – and in other cities is due to the lack of religion by the liberals.

We could very well have started a war based on the zealotry of religion. The Christians versus the atheists.

But we did not – no matter how far the political wing of Liberation Theology goes to target us, we refuse to be goaded into violence. Believe me, there are tens of millions of people that would love to cut loose and get rid of the bastards in Washington. But they don’t. What we don’t have is what they have in Ferguson. Professionals who constantly use race as a verbal weapon to induce violence. Shakedown artists, if you like.

Jesse-Jackson-race-card1Why is this happening in Ferguson? Answer that and you’ll see the cause and effect of what has been done by the leftist, communist, socialist, Liberation Theology with made up morals to our education system, our governments, our military, our society.

The Chickens, they are now home and roosting. I hate to point out the obvious, but liberals should not be allowed a seat at the table of polite society because of what they have done. And we only have ourselves to blame.

And so it’s 1968 all over again and everything, every single aspect of life in the inner city is virtually the same as it was then. Nothing has been done. Now ask yourself this: Who is to blame for that?

This is why elections have consequences. Keep that in mind the next time an election rolls around and you sit on your fat asses once more.



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