May 012015

Andy Peacher has set up a radio platform with his us buddy bill xam from SETV  on Freedom Talk Radio The Real News Group for us all to have a voice and get involved in networking and joining forces as individuals and groups, internationally- the programs are solution based and cutting edge with an impressive line-up of guests and hosts such as Kevin Annett, Sabine McNeill, Kevin Edwards, Roger Hayes, Professor Timothy Spearman, Holy Mother, Sanda Davis from USA, Ruby Akhtar, Dr Ramona.. hot on topics such as common laws, commercial liens, child abuse (rapes, sodomy, murder, cannibalism, prostitution, pornography, paedophilia, snuff movies), Forced Adoptions, Corruption & Fraud in public services such as health, social services, Governments, mainstream media (MSM)..

Andy is inviting volunteers to host and guest the programs and help with admin and technical skills. Donations and membership fees are not being required as Andy wishes to keep it free. However, if you can help financially, please do, it would be most appreciated and it will help advance the global network and costs of calls. Andy will call callers at his own cost via landlines and mobile anywhere in the world (except mobiles in UK are not covered – but you can

skype him on freedomtalkradio1
and email [email protected]


Thanks in anticipation of your future involvement for this grand opportunity to develop a peoples radio platform
on behalf of Andy Peacher
We are here for the real news

No more main stream
Post all your news daily

Get out the truth here
We are freedom talk radio for Free Speech

The voice of the rebels . are inviting individual cases – CPS Child Protection horror stories from loving parents who have had their children kidnapped for abuse and genocide (breaking up families is a satanic ritual and deemed genocide) by the State anywhere in the world including the USA and Canada Europe

Air your story – come as guest!
Call in with CPS abuse and comments

Lets free the children now!
Stop children being KIDNAPPED, by human trafficking State Departments

Bring back the family unit now


Get rid of UK tories
Stop the bedroom tax

Bring back Human Rights, COMMON LAWS AND our DIVINITY
If it takes civil disobedience right now, then so be it – paper money and man-made laws are proclaimed, deemed null and void by law since the 1930 bankruptcy of the UK at the Geneva Convention by the League of Nations. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, all Government & public service must be with our informed consent and honour at all times. Dishonour causes trading to cease, assets to be seized and removal from public service and citizens arrest if necessary.

(1) Expose The Establishment

Grand Juries are already laying informations in Magistrates Courts in leading cases such as Grandma case, Linda Lewis case, Guy Taylor case & Hampstead case.

Skype Andy Peacher freedomtalkradio1
Email [email protected]

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