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This commentary is about the amnesty plan and reparations which is nothing more than a stepping stone toward communism.

The legal, social and economic ramifications of amnesty

avatarIf Obola does go through with his amnesty plan, look for it before the new Senate and Congress are seated so that as many as possible will be “legalized” so that the legislative branch will be able to do nothing about it until January and by then it will be too late. You can also look for the stated number of people to far fewer to the actual numbers.

Which means in order for it to be most effective, it needs to be done next week (11/3 to 11/7). Ignore the “he doesn’t want to upset runoff races” argument. The president has shown time and time again that the doesn’t give a crap about anyone else but anything that satisfies his need for self importance. And if he can throw in a lecture or two from his high horse, so much the better. In other words don’t believe the articles that are being written that casts this as a “careful and deliberate” plan.

At this point, the only downtrodden I can see are the people that were born in this country to people that have been here for their entire lives, in other words legal citizens.

There are two arguments being presented at this point. One is the snickering “it’s for the children” and it’s only fair because they need jobs too line of thought. The other depicts this as nothing more than a legalized invasion of the country. Both arguments can be compelling for various reasons from lack of understanding of the situation to wanting to help the downtrodden. At this point, the only downtrodden I can see are the people that were born in this country to people that have been here for their entire lives, in other words legal citizens. They’re going to be downtrodden and stay that way for two specific reasons.

One. The formerly illegal aliens are going to compete for and replace them in new jobs, thus they shall have no income other than breaking laws themselves (stealing) which won’t be forgiven unlike the people that replaced them.

Two. We’re getting told every single day that within a few years most low paying manual labor jobs will be replaced with robots.

So now we’re going to have twice as many downtrodden (the ones that broke the law to get here and the ones that were born here who didn’t break any laws to achieve it) hanging around doing nothing and being bored. Thus, someone is going to have to take care of them, so we’re going to have to supersize the welfare rolls which we cannot afford.

In order to supersize the welfare rolls, someone has to pay for that. Thus the so called “rich” are going to have to step up to the plate and relinquish most of their income (not to be confused with their worth) in order to supply those that have no income with funds to purchase frivolous items that they are bombarded with via the idiot box.

When that happens, the “rich” from whom flows the middle class wages, will not be able to afford to flow nearly as much to the middle class, which will at that point become the new downtrodden. No, we’re not downtrodden yet but we will be. What we’re experiencing now is just the warm up to the main event.

Once the middle class becomes the new downtrodden, then the structure will be in place and we will at that point be a country like Greece and not be able to afford even the basic benefits that the downtrodden will be demanding which will lead to civil strife and possible civil war.

Which in turn will make the United States a communist country in order to keep the wheels from falling off completely. Thus, the great dream of the Liberation Theology (liberals, socialists, communists all mashed together into the democrat party) will be realized and reparations will finally be paid. However, no amount of reparations will be enough and so even more will be required. And then we are going to find out very quickly what happens when there is no more money.

‘Cause we ain’t seen nothing yet. These clowns have another two years to totally screw up a perfectly good country.

If we’re willing to forgive an entire class of people willing to break the law, where does that stop? What laws that an individual has broken should be forgiven?

The amnesty itself

The easiest way to address this personally without any outside influence is to remove the humanity component from the situation. This is difficult to do because we’ve all been brainwashed for decades to ignore the rule of law. Yes, it’s all about humans but it’s also all about humans. There are two groups of humans – you and your family and people that broke the law.

If we’re willing to forgive an entire class of people willing to break the law, where does that stop? What laws that an individual has broken should be forgiven? Traffic laws? Shoplifting (after all you needed that item. It’s unfair to withhold it from you) or maybe embezzling for that dirty bastard rotten corporation that you work for?

The easiest argument for or against is the rule of law. Was there a law broken by these people? If yes, then they should be taken back from whence they came. In a land where lemonade stands are shut down, bake sales need a license and ranchers are threatened at gunpoint, it is unfathomable that other law breakers should be let go with no penalty.

If I break the law there is no way in hell anyone is going to just let me go. I would wager real money that the same applies to you. If you and I, being citizens in good standing of the country are expected to obey and observe the various laws and regulations, then why is it so far fetched that other people – who are not citizens in good standing – that these other people should not be held to the same standard.

What makes them so special that they are allowed to not only break the existing laws but also be rewarded for that activity.

But, that’s not what all of this is about. It’s about abuse of power in the executive branch of government. It’s about the checks and balances that have been damaged, perhaps beyond repair at this point. It’s about the president not fulfilling his primary responsibility – the protection of the country for the common good. In case you’ve forgotten or just never were taught this, the preamble of the constitution lays out the intent and requirements that the founders laid forth.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Since the president, upon taking the office, swears to uphold the above (along with the rest of the constitution), not following that means that he has failed to fulfill the basic requirements of his job. He’s done nothing to establish any sort of tranquility, has ignored the common defense and has ruined the general welfare of the country.

What should happen, and we all know it, is he needs to be removed from office. I believe an argument can be made for his aiding the enemy – certainly not every single illegal alien is red, white and blue. Thus a good argument could be made for impeachment if not full on treason.

However, that will never happen, nor should it. Please allow me to explain. If he is removed from office, his underlings will still be there and their boss will be Joe Biden, the most loose lipped, loose cannon in the history of our government. The power brokers behind the “commander” in chief pull all the strings, not the president. Without these cohorts, Obama would be a much more middle of the road president.

Unlike other presidents, following the money will do virtually no good. It’s not about the money, it’s about the transformation to a USSR style country. The amnesty is merely a step along the way. See, you bring in tens of millions of new “citizens” whom have no understanding of what makes America, and you get a pliable block of citizens. Another aspect is that a lot of these people believe that the southwestern United States belongs to them in the first place, bringing us right back to reparations.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R., Fla.), who tried to move immigration legislation through the House this year, said executive action would amplify distrust among Republicans in Mr. Obama and make legislating harder. “The right’s going to fly off the rails,” he said. “How do you trust someone who says he does not have the legal authority to do something and then does it anyway?” Mr. Obama previously said that his ability to change immigration law on his own was limited.

One person people familiar with the process said the White House is trying to craft a plan that survives Mr. Obama’s presidency and isn’t so unpopular that a future Republican president could easily reverse it. “It has to be politically sustainable,” this person said.

One of the most politically sensitive questions is whether to include parents of young people in the Dreamer program, known formally as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. These people are among the most politically active in the immigration debate and are demanding that their parents not be left out.

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